Cocktails to Whet Your Senses

The bar serves a revolutionary cocktail menu, created by our expert mixologists. Shifting into a zero waste movement and with a renewed focus on sustainability, our menu uses no perishables; with citrus, herbs and garnishes replaced by a homemade range of tinctures, distillates, cordials, syrups and shrubs. These are mixed into 21 new serves, adding depth of flavour and balance, whilst retaining the sense of luxury and fun with which the bar at Sexy Fish has become synonymous.

What’s more, the menu is presented as a cocktail cookbook, with each serve accompanied by a recipe, so guests can remake the drinks at home. The cocktail menu can be purchased at the bar at Sexy Fish for £15.

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Cocktails at Sexy Fish, London, Asian Restaurant and Late Night Bar in Mayfair

Cocktails to Whet Your Senses

The Cocktail Menu

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